Investing in Los Cabos Real Estate

Investing in Los Cabos Real Estate

For the best of the experiences

Los Cabos is top of the notch among the beach real estate market in Mexico. Do you want to know why Los Cabos Real Estate is booming? Read more. 

Mexico is a splendorous country that has become one of the most interesting places for investing in real estate. This warm and welcoming land comprises a wide diversity of options that have it all for spending wonderful experiences.

Here are some reasons why the market of real estate in Mexico has been one of the most demanded in the past decade:

  • All ranges of weather, landscapes, and alternatives: forests, lakes, canyons, volcanos, colonial villages, history, traditions, archaeological sites, arts, crafts, luxury and…
  • Beaches, beaches and more beaches, in all versions, kinds and climates: pristine, rocky, off-white talcum-like sand, grainy and granular shores, extravagant, antique, state-of-the-art, commercial ports, open sea, exclusive and private, sapphire or turquoise seas, wide range of water sports, in tropical or desert terrains…
  • The gastronomic flair: Mexico characterizes for being “many cultures within its culture” for the huge assortment of regional dishes it has to offer across its land. Coast to coast, frontier to frontier, every path means a new burst of flavors, spices, and textures that include local seasonings, fusions, ingredients, along with its traditional corn and flour tortillas, and an enormous variety of more than 500 chili-peppers, in all shapes, colors, and hotness!
  • And its people: oh, my! Mexican people are not only capable of providing its characteristic kind and warm welcome, every time, but they are also loaded with extraordinaire and singular creativity for producing sensible and enchanting music, as well as artistic expressions.

The beach real estate market in Mexico is mostly appreciated. Its lushness and beauty captivate every buyer in the world. In this sense, Los Cabos Mexico is top of the notch among the jewels Mexico has to offer. The best of conveniences and amenities have been congregated in this astonishing paradise.

Best of all, you can own in this paradise, where you can experience a relaxed Baja lifestyle and spend your days as if it was a vacation.

The Los Cabos Real Estate market has been flourishing at a steady, interesting pace, as new developments are continuously being constructed, and demand for luxurious homes keeps increasing enticing buyers mostly from the US west coast, Colorado, Texas and Canada.

The first thing to know when newcomers or outsiders are willing to buy real estate in Mexico is that it is a simple and straightforward process through a fiduciary bank trust agreement (fideicomiso) established with a Mexican bank, which allows buyers to hold their property with all the rights and privileges of an owner, and easily transfer the trust to another buyer when they wish to sell.

Regardless of the use of your property (commercial real estate or for personal purposes), an attorney should be involved in reviewing its legal status, including title search, the review, and preparation of contracts, and setting up your trust or corporation. American attorneys are not licensed to practice law in Mexico and should not give advice on Mexican law. Hence, a Mexican attorney should be involved to draw up contracts and review the conditions and terms of sale.

It is known that real estate transactions involving international buyers are mostly done in cash. You can get financing through a local bank or with the real estate developer itself, which is one of the safest methods. We can make that possible at El Encanto de la Laguna by offering direct financing. Ask any doubt inquiring and we´ll get in touch with you.

A public notary prepares and certifies all the closing documents. Buyers may also want a lawyer to represent them at this closing stage.

Most buyers looking for a property in Mexico, and specifically in Los Cabos, are from the United States and Canada. Many major American cities offer direct flights to the Los Cabos airport, including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Atlanta.

There are many good reasons, advantages and benefits for living or spending long term vacation in Los Cabos, Mexico, besides the fact of the good investment and the genuine added value. 

Climate. Being closer to the Equator avoids the extremes people usually go through when seasons change in the US.

Going out. Los Cabos is far beyond what touristy spots show in videos and postcards. Real life in Cabo comprises great places to visit, from luxurious and modern, to untouched attractions. The possibilities for exploring and discovering admirable, fresh spots are countless: sports, food, culture, adventure… you name it.

Health. Medical services are usually less expensive than in the US. With state-of-the-art medical facilities and qualified doctors, Los Cabos is the perfect place to have general treatments, surgeries, dental care and more.

Property management. In Los Cabos this type of service is common and they take care of every needed aspect of your residence, from gardening, pool maintenance, grocery stocking to electric bill payments and hurricane shutters installation. If you buy a property in Cabo, you´ll have to consider this service.

Safety. Ask any foreigner living in Mexico if they feel safe living in Mexico. The answer will be yes. Always. The key is asking real people and not depending on sensational news stories.

Affordability. Making Dollars and spending Pesos is a great deal. Money stretches a lot when living in Mexico, not only because of the fluctuating exchange rate, which generally favors the US currency, but because everyday goods are much less expensive in Mexico.


Living by the beach had never been this reachable. Besides the fact of the good investment and the genuine added value, Los Cabos beach real estate is for you. Its options are endless.


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