Golf in Los Cabos

Los Cabos is a prime location for golf enthusiasts as it’s one of the most popular golf destination in the world.

Offering convenient access to a variety of world-class golf courses for all leves, from novices to experts. There are currently fifteen luxury golf courses in Los Cabos, several of which have won awards of distinction in the industry.

Experience golf in Mexico at one of the famous nearby courses:
Puerto Los Cabos, Club Campestre, Palmilla, Cabo Real and Cabo Del Sol.


Los Cabos has a remarkable marine ecosystem, perfect for those who love sportfishing. El Encanto de La Laguna is located a short ten minutes from Puerto Los Cabos marina where you can rent luxury yacht sport-fishing charters.

Return with the catch of the day and enjoy preparing a mouth-watering seafood dinner.

San Jose del Cabo Downtown

Nestled just behind San Jose del Cabo’s historic main square and remarkable church lies an ever-expanding art district.

The art district a has become a cultural hub of Los Cabos with numerous high-end art galleries displaying original pieces from renowned national and international artists. Visit The Old Town Gallery, where El Encanto de La Laguna owner Brent Heighton and fellow artists exhibit their latest works of art.


San Jose del Cabo’s restaurant scene boasts over a dozen first-class restaurants and is home to the region’s most accomplished and innovative chefs.

Baja Mediterranean cuisine and fresh local seafood are the focus of most menus, but there are also a number of restaurants that serve an international cuisine providing options to satisfy every type of palate.

Wine and dine at San Jose del Cabo’s finest restaurants and charming local dives.

Whale Watching

Witness the awe-inspiring enormity and grace of 40ft (12m) humpback whales up-close, in their natural environment in Los Cabos.

Encounter these magnificent creatures from December to April each year during their annual winter migration. Whale watching season in Los Cabos marks the arrival of many species of whales to their winter mating and calving grounds. Each year, the Sea of Cortez becomes a temporary home to thousands of whales, primarily humpback whales.

Enjoy inspiring mating dances of breaching, lob-tailing and tail-slapping in the warm waters of Los Cabos.

Water Sports

There’s an exhilarating variety of water activities available off the pristine coastlines of El Encanto de La Laguna. Board a kayak or a paddle board to set out on an adventure of discovery in the azure waters of the Sea of Cortez. The gated beachside community has something for every type of adventurer from kayaks and paddle boards to surf boards.

There are exciting adventures to be held above water, but don’t forget the brilliant Sea of Cortez eco-system that lies beneath the surface. Witnessing large sea turtles, gliding manta rays and an endless procession of colorful tropical fish. A truly humbling and exhilarating experience enjoyed by those who embark on a scuba diving or snorkeling adventure in Los Cabos.

Off Road

Explore the nooks and crannies of San Jose del Cabo from the seat of an ATV or UTV. Journey along untouched beaches, dry river beds (arroyos) and dirt roads through the desert landscapes of Los Cabos.

The residents at El Encanto de La Laguna enjoy experiencing a truly amazing perspective of Los Cabos together on an ATV tour.

There is not a better location to take advantage of this type of Baja fun.

Turtle Season

Every year from August until early December is considered turtle season in Los Cabos. Female sea turtles emerge from the Sea of Cortez onto the untouched beaches of San Jose del Cabo to find a safe place to lay their eggs in the warm sand. After burying their eggs under the sand, the females then return to the sea.

Two months later, the hatchlings begin to crawl up from under the safety of the sand to start their journey to the ocean. There are many places that El Encanto residents can venture to fully enjoy the experience of turtle season in Los Cabos or even to help release the newly-hatched baby turtles into their new home, the sea.


The pristine beaches just a fifteen minute drive from El Encanto de La Laguna are the perfect place to catch the best waves in pure Baja style.

This area of San Jose del Cabo enjoys relatively unoccupied beaches with the best surf breaks in Los Cabos.

It’s hard to believe that this surf paradise is less than a two-hour flight from the cold and crowded surf of Southern California.


San Jose del Cabo has recently become a hub for numerous wellness programs. Treat yourself to yoga classes, fitness programs and healthy cooking classes to sustain clarity and wellbeing at every age.

Residents rest assured for their wellbeing and safety in San Jose del Cabo with emergency medical services open 24-hours a day, along with state-of-the-art first response ambulances and air evacuation services.

Numerous specialized medical experts are available on call to give consultations for the best course of action for any issue that may arise.

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