Cultural activities to do in San Jose del Cabo

Cultural things to do in San Jose del Cabo

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Looking for things to do in San Jose del Cabo?

Everything you do anywhere else, Cabo enhances and exalts. Not only for being such a gorgeous and warm place along the coast, but also because San Jose del Cabo has great cultural things to do to enlighten your life.

Let’s go back to the beginning. The Mission of San Jose del Cabo was founded around 1730 by Jesuit missionaries in the South of the Baja California peninsula to welcome and shelter Spanish navigators for almost two centuries. It was built on the West bank of the nearby San Jose River, where it merges with the ocean and becomes the life-giving freshwater third largest estuary in Mexico, creating an oasis. It was the source of freshwater for Spanish galleons and has been one of the fountains of drinking and irrigation water in the area for many years.

The village started to grow around the mission, with the colonial flavor still present in the architecture of most downtown buildings. Throughout time, it started to allure visitors and tourists who decided to stay, mainly because of its generous environment and characteristic beauty.

Are you wondering what cultural activities to do in San Jose del Cabo? Where to start? We have an insider´s guide of the cultural landmarks that you have to visit when in San Jose del Cabo, Los Cabos, Mexico! 

Plaza Mijares, the official name for San Jose del Cabo’s main square, is locally known as the Plaza. It is the heart of Cabo and it has a very peaceable colonial essence.

By walking around this square, you will be able to see the picturesque kiosk that ornaments the plaza. We recommend you to visit these two cultural places in Cabo:

The parish church of San Jose: which originally used to be a Jesuit mission built in 1730 next to the estuary. Later on, it was moved for the current location and then rebuilt after being damaged by a hurricane in 1918.

The City Hall of San Jose: one of its most significant historical milestones. It is the domicile of the San Jose government headquarters, including the Mayor’s office. This building was constructed in 1888 and opened to service in 1927. Inside you will be able to appreciate very well preserved murals depicting the history of the region. Its clock tower is an emblematic addendum that was finished by 1930.

The settings of Cabo’s downtown area are quite interesting, so keep exploring the enchantments it has to offer. The Art District, for instance, is one of the main attractions for artistry lovers. It comprises a wide variety of galleries exhibiting works of contemporary art authors worth visiting. Also, there are shops of Huichol art and Mexican craftsmanship developed by local handicraft workshops, and handmade ware shops worth visiting like Eclectic Array and Toco Madera.

You will also be fascinated by the exhibitions, events and outstanding activities the San Jose del Cabo Art Walk has to offer, an event that takes place every Thursday night between the months of November and June, and is a must for those willing to spend an exquisite evening surrounded by art, music, Mexican folklore and gastronomy. 


San Jose del Cabo “Casa de la Cultura”: a cultural hub


Located to the North of the plaza, the San Jose del Cabo Casa de la Cultura (The Home of the Culture) is a cultural venue where various events take place throughout the year, generally with free admission, and also offering interesting and alternative workshops, from artistic creations to dance practices. It shelters eye-striking murals executed by local artists.


There are other fun things to do in San Jose del Cabo. Besides visiting all these local landmarks, do not forget to take a look at the tours and trips offered along the South of the Baja peninsula. The area is full of amazing and amusing activities for you to enjoy! The options are endless.



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