Vacation in Cabo

Vacation in Cabo

7 Benefits of Choosing a Vacation Rental in Los Cabos

Few things on Earth are better than a vacation in Los Cabos, where the sun shines year-round, the beaches are gorgeous, the ocean views breathtaking, and the social life as sparkling and effervescent as a glass of freshly poured Champagne.

As with almost all things in life, however, there are enhancements and upgrades that can turn what is already a memorable experience into an unforgettable dream.

We’re going to share one with you now: vacation rentals.

Nothing against hotels or resorts. There are many superb examples of each in Los Cabos, including magnificent properties from some of the world’s most prestigious hospitality brands.

But there are aspects of the vacation experience that even the best hotels and resorts can’t manage as well, or offer to such a delightful degree as a first-class vacation rental.

Many, in fact. But let’s start with seven…seven benefits to choosing a vacation rental in Los Cabos.


1. Privacy & Convenience


Only a vacation rental can offer total privacy. After all, there are no other guests.

It’s just you and the people you most want to share this magical experience of paradise with, whether that means a spouse or special someone, children or extended family, or simply friends.

The rental home, villa or condo–as the case may be–is yours and your alone, to enjoy at your own convenience.


2. Breathtaking Views & Beachfront Access


Stunning ocean views and golden sand beaches are in no short supply in Los Cabos, but even so one can be discriminating.

For example, is the beach in which your accommodations overlook swimmable? Can you surf there, or go kayaking? Are the ocean views from your bedroom or living areas unimpeded? Do you have vistas of ocean blue as far as the eye can see?

Choosing a vacation rental means you can also choose the setting which you love best, and to find the place that shows off its natural charms to maximum effect.

Do you love the tranquil azure waters of the Sea of Cortez? Then perhaps vacation rentals in San José del Cabo, México are the ideal fit for your dream vacation.

The important thing is that the choice is yours. 



3. Luxurious Appointments & Amenities


Los Cabos excels at luxury amenities, from pampering spas to championship level golf courses. But there are other kinds of luxury, too.

For example, vacation home rentals in Los Cabos at El Encanto de la Laguna, a gated luxury community that not only offers a wide array of impressive properties but a wide array of upscale services, from round-trip airport transportation to grocery pre-stocking and concierge service for private chefs, spa treatments and activities and adventures.

El Encanto de la Laguna offers the services of a 5-star resort, but with absolute privacy and an unmatched setting; peaceful and serene on a secluded beach, yet conveniently close to the downtown heart of San José del Cabo.

Such solitude is its own luxury, of course, particularly when paired with proximity to shopping, dining, nightlife, and culture.


4. A Home Away from A Home


One of the underrated joys of vacation rentals in Los Cabos is that they allow you to enjoy your vacation not as a tourist, but as a local.

You’re not being herded into tours or activities. You have a home, and you can explore and discover the wonders of Los Cabos at your pace and at your own discretion.

You instantly become a member of the community.


5. Flexibility in Planning


If you’re staying in a resort and wish to use shared facilities such as restaurants, spas and the like, there will be limited hours during which they are open; and even then, you may need to make reservations, and your preferred time window may not be available.

That is not at all the case for a vacation rental, be it luxury villas in Cabo San Lucas or rental vacation condos in San José del Cabo.

If you want to hire a private chef or arrange a massage by the pool, you can do so whenever it suits your schedule. You never need to delay your plans or pleasures because of anyone else, or indeed follow anyone else’s rules.

You have complete autonomy and flexibility to set your own vacation schedule.


6. Safety & Security            


There’s nothing like living in a gated community and in a home for which only you have the key.

It’s not that Los Cabos isn’t perfectly safe, or that resort staff or guests are a threat in any way.

It’s that even the least worry has been removed from consideration so that you can sink even deeper into your beachfront lounge chair, enjoy a second margarita, and completely relax during your vacation sojourn.


7. Added Value


One of the most surprising things about vacation rentals is that in many cases they’re more affordable than the traditional resort experience, and almost certainly are for those traveling with family or extended groups of friends (for a birthday or wedding party, for instance).

Let’s say you have your heart set on rental vacation condos in San José del Cabo near town. Not so near that you don’t have total peace and privacy, but close enough that it’s only a few minutes by car to the finest restaurants and shopping boutiques.

Simply go to, find the property that fits your ideal location and budget parameters, and before you know it you’ll be living your best life in a beachfront paradise.


And isn’t that what vacations are all about?




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