Things to do in Cabo

Mesmerizing things to do in Cabo

From cultural undertakings to nature sightseeing

Besides the typical touristy sites, there are mesmerizing things to do in Cabo that visitors are most likely to enjoy and replicate whenever they come to stay.

The area of Los Cabos is an authentic paradise in a privileged location by the tip of the Baja California peninsula, where the Pacific Ocean and the entrance to the wonderful world of the so-called Sea of Cortez, the Gulf of California, meet to reciprocally dampen each other.

We are pleased to have you interested in our homeland, and excited to share with you what there is to do in Cabo. From cultural undertakings to nature sightseeing, San Jose del Cabo is a typical Mexican, bohemian town, perfectly suitable for people who appreciate spectacular sunsets, extraordinary food, and incomparable local shopping. 

Among the gorgeous things to see in Cabo, you may start by enjoying its lavish architecture featuring beautiful Spanish structures, such as the 19th century City Hall, which comprises murals depicting Baja’s earlier lifestyle in its courtyard walls and passages. You may take a walk on Paseo Mijares, a path that connects the beach with the main square, where you will be able to admire antique buildings of colonial years that surround the almost 200 year old San Jose Parish. 



Nature devotees are always contented to experience the Wildlife Estuary, particularly for bird watchers and those interested in the local flora and fauna. Others prefer to take a road trip towards one of the healthiest coral communities on the planet which is sheltered in Cabo Pulmo National Park, located 57 kilometers (36 miles) away from San Jose del Cabo.

Here, master divers and professional guides are more than willing to assist you in exploring this spectacular spot. You will discover the distinctive reef crowded by a large variety of fish schools, where you may dive and snorkel. Cabo Pulmo comprises a variety of facilities for camping which is possible thanks to the magic of nature, the impressive dunes, and the extended deserted beaches.

Moreover, you cannot miss the worldwide known landmark of Los Cabos, the iconic Land’s End Arch. It is a singular, natural rock formation right on the seaside area known as the Lovers beach, which has been widely used to portray the beauties of the peninsula’s extremity. It is located 33 kilometers (20 miles) away from San Jose del Cabo, right at the beach of its twin town Cabo San Lucas.

For those who are into fine arts and cultural events, there are also interesting activities to do in Cabo, for all ages, all budgets, and all tastes. San Jose is a breeding ground for artisans and artists, full of galleries and cultural events, arts and crafts stores, and outdoor cafes.

In the hopes of alluring art lovers and visitors beyond the main square of the city, the Gallery District Association created this color-filled back street area located behind the church, called the Art Walk, a popular weekly event that takes place every Thursday evening between the months of November and June.


Its popularity has been increasingly expanding over the years, as galleries often have special exhibitions such as openings for new artists, and selections of wine and amazing food are usually presented. Get immersed in the local culture and spend a relaxed and pleasuring while at San Jose del Cabo´s art district. You deserve it.



Cabo is an emblematic township lusciously enlivened with upscale restaurants and lounges for those who delight with fine dining, as the city’s new generations of talented chefs have been able to redesign the Baja seafood cuisine, by developing menus that amalgamate worldwide trends and ingredients, for a singular and unique fusion of exotic flavors beyond imagination.

There are remarkable eatery places to go in Cabo for you to relish these novel local delicacies and spend a wonderful time.


  • BUZZARDS – Tucked away in a lush palm garden next to La Laguna beach, a secluded area in which El Encanto is located, this quiet Cabo escape is a relaxed beach bar and restaurant where you will be greeted with smiles and outstanding warmth. Casual Mexican and international dishes, and great drinks and cocktails are awaiting.
  • LOS TAMARINDOS – One of the farm-to-table restaurants in the area, this highly demanded restaurant has the rustic feel of a Tuscan countryside eatery with a limited menu of 14 items that change according to the season and to the produce ready to harvest. Fresh and delightful, what else is needed?
  • ACRE – A lush oasis set on 25 acres of land, it is an open-kitchen concept restaurant, offering an innovative and constantly changing menu of fresh farm-to-table cuisine, and an imaginative cocktail proposal. Revelations for your palate all year round.
  • FLORA FARMS – A picturesque open-air restaurant. It is probably the most well-known farm-to-table restaurant within the Los Cabos area. The food they serve is grown or reared on nearby farmlands, and they daily bake their breads in a wood-fire oven. Reservations in advance are required for this highly demanded diner.


Additionally, if you are willing to prepare or try a home-made meal with the freshest ingredients, come to the seasonal Organic Market where local producers of organic goods gather to promote agriculture, handicrafts, music, and educational resources, as well as already-made dishes.

It is located only a 5-minute walk from the historic downtown of San Jose del Cabo, and it opens on Saturdays, 9 to 15 hours from November to May.


Los Cabos is one of the most stunning and exclusionary enclaves in the world. Let yourself get carried away with this mystical adventure experience.



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