Todos Santos, Baja Sur, in 10 hours!

Todos Santos, Baja Sur, in 10 hours!

What to do and where to eat

Enjoy a perfect day-trip and discover what to do in Todos Santos, plus the events that take place all year round.

This is a day-trip so worth taking! At just about a 70 minutes’ drive from San Jose del Cabo (85 minutes from El Encanto de la Laguna), the picturesque town of Todos Santos Baja California Sur is located, right on the Tropic of Cancer, in the depth of the desert, painted with multiple colors from green cactus, family vegetable gardens and the intense blue shades of the sky and the Pacific sea waters.

Let’s start by telling you how far Todos Santos from Cabo is. In a straight line, there are 45 miles between Cabo and Todos Santos Baja. Getting to Todos Santos is very easy. You need to take road 19 bound West and then North for 65 breathtaking miles alongside the Pacific Ocean coastline.

Like many of the communities in the area, Todos Santos Mexico was founded by missionaries in the 18th century. Throughout the years, it developed into a mystique town of ground and granite streets, surrounded by enigmatic Novo-Hispanic houses and its two theaters, and filled with an almost spiritual glow of artistry and yearning. Todos Santos Baja stands out for being a cradle for poets, writers, sculptors, painters, musicians, artisans, and intellectuals, among others, thus having been chosen as home and shelter of inspired local and international artists, whose works and galleries have become one of the essential attractions in Todos Santos.

Photo: Todos Santos Sunset by Adam Jones, Creative Commons 


In 2006 Todos Santos Baja was the very first village in the state of Baja California included in the Magical Towns Mexican Tourism and Cultural program, a recognition awarded only to those locations that respect their roots, their origins, their culture, and greet visitors with the warmest welcomes and gifts of nature.

How to spend 10 hours in Todos Santos, Baja Sur

There are remarkable and exceptional things to do in Todos Santos. Here are the recommendations that you can do in 10 hours:

From 8 am to 10 am: You may start with a stately breakfast buffet at La Generala, a must for every Todos Santos Baja morning visitor to get a taste of comfort Mexican food like chilaquiles (totopos with sauce), beans, beef in red sauce, handmade quesadillas (tortillas with cheese and other ingredients inside), and pancakes, all made with regional and fresh ingredients.

From 10 am to 12 pm: Then, indulge your senses at Todos Santos with sights, sounds, breeze, and sun. Walk across the main square, stop by the Santa Rosa de las Palmas Mission, and sit on a bench under coconut palm trees to watch the arches of its architectural jewels. Take a look at the many galleries (such as Galeria de Todos Santos, La Sonrisa de la Muerte, Galeria de Gabo, Nanette Hayles’ place, or Jil Logan Galeria), and stop by charming shops (like Normand Chic, Loveleigh, Emporio, or Etnica, to name a few).

From 12 pm to 3 pm: Reward yourself with a lusty, pampering recompense at the Guaycura Boutique Hotel Beach Club & Spa (which, by the way, is named after the original natives of the area) with a spa treatment, crowned by delicacies prepared by their superb chefs, like snacks or a full lunch, recognized for many as the best of the Todos Santos food.

From 3 pm to 6 pm: Then you may visit one of the most emblematic, iconic and longed places in the whole full world. Regardless of your age, gender, or music preferences, you have sung out loud (or at least heard of) The Eagles’ famous 1976 top of the hits called Hotel California. Well, guess what? The hotel does exist, and it is located right here where Todos Santos is.


Although there have been long, polemic tales, rumors, and myths of quarrels about the original reference in the song, no one has been able to prove it wrong. A selfie and a drink at the bar of Hotel California, Todos Santos is an obligated prize you surely deserve.

Photo: There She Stood in the Doorway by Thomas Hawk, Creative Commons


What else to do in Todos Santos Mexico?

There are several activities throughout the year you will enjoy. Here some of the yearly Todos Santos Mexico things to do already scheduled:

January: The Tropic of Cancer Music Festival (or Festival de Musica), which takes place in the first fortnight of the month, with over 20 participating music groups and band of different genres.

February/March: The Todos Santos Arts Festival (or Festival del Arte Todos Santos), presenting concerts, dances and all kinds of exhibitions, including painting and sculpture works. The Todos Santos Films Festival (or Festival de Cine Todos Santos), featuring new artists in the film area, local and international, for a unique movie experience in the area.

May: The GastroVino Food & Wine Festival, a journey far and near the excellent wines varieties of the region and the fantastic food prepared especially for the event.

August: The Mango Festival and Saint Ignacio festivities join together for hosting visitors with cultural and artistic displays and shows, along with contests and good food, of course.

October: the local feast day, welcoming people from all over the area with an atmosphere of festivity to celebrate life and enjoyment. 

Then, between November 15 and December 15 of every year, you may be a guest to the conservation of turtle experience, where protection, caring, and liberation of these creatures may be observed and shared, at the Todos Santos nearby beach.

On your way back home to Cabo, for the grand trip finale, get your mobile-ready for the spectacular sunset photos that are waiting for you to shoot. It is a picture-perfect path to end this beautiful touring day.



Photo: Outdoor shopping by Eugene Kogan, Creative Commons



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