All you ever wanted to ask about how to buy a condo in Los Cabos

All you ever wanted to ask about how to buy a condo in Los Cabos

Discover your best condo option answering these questions

Buying a condo in Los Cabos, Mexico, is an easy task! But there might be some questions about how to buy a condo in Los Cabos that will aid you to define what kind of luxury residence is the perfect fit for you. Buying a condo in Mexico is a smooth and safe process in which you will first need to ask yourself the following:

Objectives. Think about what you expect from your property. Are you willing to live there, or rent it through a rental service like El Encanto Villas? Are you thinking to buy a resale or a brand new condominium? Does a short investment work for you? Or you are willing to make a long investment. All of these questions will help you to prioritize what you are expecting from your real estate investment in Los Cabos.

Setting. Consider the possibilities. Regardless of you living in your property most of the year, or having it rented by someone else, what kind of lifestyle do you want to experience in your estate? Seaside activities like fishing, sailing or yachting, kayaking, swimming? Or do you rather fancy for a relaxing retreat? Maybe is both. And if you ask yourself these premises, you will know where to buy a condo in Los Cabos, which leads us to the next point.


Location. The saying “location-location-location is the key in real estate” is by far absolute and true. There are wonderful options to evaluate and explore amongst the condos for sale in Los Cabos Mexico, like the beachfront options at El Encanto de la Laguna. So, you have to ask yourself, do I want to buy a beachfront condo, or a downtown condo? Within the privileged area of Los Cabos there is an array of areas to buy a property, but you will need to think about this in advance, so your property search narrows to the places you really want to invest in.  

Conditions. The options for US citizens to acquire luxury condos in Los Cabos are pretty clear. Like in most high end communities like El Encanto de la Laguna, you can get direct financing in flexible terms or invest your own resources. There are some considerations you need to contemplate:

  • Purchase faculty – In Mexico, foreign citizens and entities are able to buy coastline properties as long as the acquisition is made based on a local bank trust fund called fideicomiso, so they can access the ownership rights of citizens, and transfer it to another buyer when they desire to sell. As an outsider, you may acquire several properties, own them in perpetuity, and transfer ownership to heirs. 
  • Purchase process – The fideicomiso involves partnering with Federal and State notaries. The intermediation of a local lawyer is highly recommendable, so they can assist you throughout the process, which will take about 60 – 90 days. The term of the fideicomiso lasts 50 years, and can be renewed for additional 50-year periods.


Where do I start looking condos in Los Cabos for sale?

A good way to start your property search is by consulting the Multiple Listing Service in Baja California (the MLS, for short) where the very best, most farfetched and fanciful condos in Los Cabos Mexico have been included for you to admire, scan and compare. This website is constantly updated for potential owners. 

Experienced agents and local lawyers, like the team at El Encanto de la Laguna, will guide you along the whole course of your purchase. They have all the details in terms of attributes and characteristics, like area, number of rooms, special features, amenities, location, conditions, price ranges, maintenance and HOA fees… Everything you need, they have it all at hand.

If you are looking for Cabo beachfront condos for sale, you will find astonishing options at El Encanto de la Laguna, like the Las Dunas building, a well-appointed 3-story condo complex that is brand new.


Why choosing Cabo to buy a condo?

Well. For ages, the area of Los Cabos, comprising Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, has been praised for being a seaside heaven on earth.

Cabo is a major real estate investors magnet because of its location close to US West coast, perfect weather, beautiful beaches, top-notch golf courses and infrastructure, as well as luxe-residential sites and amenities being built.


There are many attractions and outdoor activities that can be done in the Los Cabos area, and San Jose del Cabo has an active community of artists, galleries and events like the Art Walk. Also, Cabo is known for its singular cuisine, full of fusions and novel high-end gastronomy.


The region is highlighted by its privileged climate. In spite of being settled on the desert, the weather is comfortably warm most of the time, oscillating between 72° F in Wintertime, and up to 84° during the Summer.

The beaches in Los Cabos are rather unique! Whilst people expect to find palm trees and coconuts in all Mexican coastlines, the shorelines of Cabo are full of cactus, where all kinds of desert flora and fauna can regularly be seen.

As you can see, Los Cabos is a paradise-on-earth perfect to buy a condo and invest in your lifestyle. In this matter, we can help! Feel free to contact us. We offer an array of luxury residences: from turn-key condos to brand-new, all in a safe investment environment and guided by our attentive and experienced sales staff.



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