Los Cabos Swimmable Beaches

Los Cabos Swimmable Beaches

Blue Flag swimmable beaches in Cabo

Besides their beauty and soft waves, Los Cabos Beaches are a priding motive for the state of Baja California Sur. Many of them have been granted the Blue Flag award, an iconic eco-certification presented to beaches, marinas, and sustainable boating tourism operators. To qualify for the Blue Flag certification, a series of strict environmental, educational, safety, and accessibility criteria must be met and maintained, and it needs to be periodically renewed. 

A Blue Flag certification is beyond alluring tourists. It is a leading international program promoting a solid education and a widespread awareness among natives and visitors for sustaining, regulating, and caring for beaches and ecotourism vessels, based on rigorous international standards. 

This program has the objective of achieving excellence in managing, implementing, and developing sustainable services, as well as applying security measurements and environmental activities, to reduce the human impact on coastline areas conditions and water quality, while regulating noise and creating educational crusades. 

Visiting a Blue Flag swimming beach in Los Cabos encourages locals to write a cleaner story, prizing their hard work in meeting the established criteria for their surroundings. The Blue Flag has become a symbol of excellence for natives to do their best when welcoming guests.


Some of the important attributes a site such as those beaches in the Los Cabos area must comprise for achieving the Blue Flag award are:


  • An assistance kiosk displaying the rules of the location and local information for visitors.
  • Free admission.
  • Friendly ingress for visitors, including easy access for the disabled.
  • Parking area close to the beach entrance.
  • Lifeguards and safety services.
  • Restrooms and showers, always available, clean, and working.
  • Swimmable shores.
  • No rental services of any kind. Users must bring their own chairs, umbrellas, and towels if they desire.


There are several Blue Flag swimmable beaches in the Los Cabos area along the Tourist Corridor, on road # 1. Here we include some of the significant Los Cabos Mexico beaches reviews, listed from East to West, starting in San Jose del Cabo and ending in Cabo San Lucas:



This is the first on the list of Los Cabos Beaches, located 4 miles West from the San Jose del Cabo hotel area. It is a Blue Flag beach since 2017. It is a great sandy beach adorned with crystal clear waters, ideal for surfing and snorkeling. 


Next in line is the sandy Palmilla Beach Los Cabos, just 2.4 miles West from Acapulquito (6.4 from the hotel zone of Cabo). It is a clean and relaxing beach of moderate turquoise waves. It has been in the Blue Flag program since 2013. During seasonal months, you can watch whales with their calves swimming nearby. 

El Chileno

About 15 minutes’ drive from Palmilla, you will find this pristine spot. It is a gorgeous beach with deep blue waters, clean and ideal for appreciating the splendor of the sea life of this area and initiate in snorkeling.

Santa Maria

You can say this Los Cabos beach is halfway between San Jose del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas (about 18-20 minutes either way). There are great snorkeling areas for beginners, little to no waves, plus clear water. Here you are also able to do some whale watching.

Las Viudas

A few minutes from Santa Maria, this fantastic beach surrounded by rocky spots is excellent for enjoying a snack and delight with the sight of the clean, peaceful, secure seashore, feeling the majesty of the sea at its best, and sometimes even watching whales in the afternoon. It is an ideal beach for kids. 

Medano, at Cabo San Lucas

Once you enter the impressive Cabo San Lucas bay, you will be stepping into the series of Blue Flag Medano beaches in Los Cabos, almost side by side, each one named after the resort or haven where they are located. These sandy seafronts are there to welcome you with deep blue seas and skies that merge before your eyes for the most magnificent ocean experiences.

Let’s start with Medano Riu at Los Cabos: 

Right by the shore of this hideaway, the Medano Beach welcomes guests and visitors for a splendid sight of the famous Cabos Land’s End Arch, a natural wonder right across the bay.


The next in line is the Medano Villas:

There are three hotels right on this beach, filled with a diversity of eateries and spots to grab a bite to eat, relax, enjoy the view, and get initiated in water activities like scuba-diving or snorkeling. 


Medano Club Cascadas de Baja and Medano Pueblo Bonito Cabo:

These beaches are next to each other, named after the resorts behind them. The view continues to be spectacular, and the sea activities are right there for visitors to enjoy. Some services are available, with their corresponding fees.


Medano Casa Dorada and Hacienda beaches: 

These two are also next to each other, offering a festive atmosphere for visitors. The facilities of these hotels offer complementary services for a complete seaside experience.  


Blue Flag is a world-renowned eco-label trusted by millions around the globe. The program is operated under the auspices of the Foundation for Environmental Education, established in Copenhagen, Denmark, who works tirelessly to ensure the program’s expansion, and that the unrivaled standards of the Blue Flag are maintained internationally.


Come to the Tourist Corridor of the best swimming beaches in Los Cabos, be a part of this worldwide trend, and help the world to preserve these coastlines as pristine as possible, enabling all visitors to enjoy beaches in their most natural state. Do not forget that the sea breeze refreshes your mind and nourishes your spirit.



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