Get familiar with Los Cabos

 Get familiar with Los Cabos

A complete guide to retiring and living in Cabo

Retirement is one of the most rewarding stages in life. You have significant baggage of experiences which make you an expert in a wide range of areas: the very best music of modern times is your soundtrack, the flourishing of technology is by your side, and you have time to spare and a lot of time still ahead. In summary, you have it all.

Without a doubt, Los Cabos (Spanish for “the capes”) is a grand luxury retirement haven for US citizens, offering a diverse range of excellent options loaded with hedonistic amenities and sumptuous local services. The most essential spots in the area are Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo, which are joined by a 20 miles stretch of road that runs along an area known as the “tourist corridor,” dotted by top-class restaurants, hideaways and absolutely stunning beaches for everyday rejoicing. The whole region is surrounded and appareled by beauty, splendid sunsets, warm evenings, and striking sea-life watching seasons.

Living in San Jose del Cabo means relaxing and allowing others to take care of you.

The distinctiveness of Cabo makes it the ideal place for getting settled and leaving your troubles behind. Los Cabos inhabitants are used to have visitors coming and going all the time. They are warm and friendly, always welcoming people with a smile and a caring attitude, making you feel at home, and assisting anyone when support is needed.

There is a large community of Americans living in Cabo, who have chosen it for the posh lifestyle it delivers and the possibility of an oceanfront living full of impressive nature, and embellished with cultural and outdoors activities in privileged atmospheric conditions while offering support and networking among them. They have found the best place to live a happy retreat life during their retirement life stage.

Living in Cabo implies tremendous savings for retirees on fixed income to sustain a comfortable way of living, as their retirement fund can be stretched 20-30% in contrast to the average living cost in the US, due to the always favorable exchange rate, and because food, utilities, and everyday services are less expensive in Mexico, whereas entertainment and appealing activities for senior citizens offer them discounts on top of the Mexican Peso low-priced rates.

Pampering yourself and having a smooth relaxation is delightfully affordable. The cost of labor is also very reasonable, and there are numerous service providers ready to assist you. You have housekeepers, gardeners, pool maintenance, and even chefs available for a fraction of the cost you are used to paying in the US.

The weather also contributes to make Cabo Mexico the best place to live.

San Jose del Cabo weather has been worldwide recognized for being one of the most pleasant and enjoyable. Throughout the year, days are sunny and breezy most of the time, and the average temperature usually ranges between 75° F and 95°F, which may drop some days during Winter to 65°F. There is a short and pleasant rainy season from June through October, with a few afternoons of heavy rains in August and September.

US citizens in Cabo say they have encountered heaven on earth.

Los Cabos is a beautiful location for starting a new life, away from the hassle and crowded motorways.

Did we say location? Yes. Site is one of the critical drivers for Americans moving into the Los Cabos area, where you can feel like living on an eternal vacation. In recent years, the real estate market in Los Cabos has been blooming, with a feel of a California lifestyle extension. There are luxury beachfront properties available for sale, where you will be assisted by very professional and experienced realtors that will guide you in every little detail you need for acquiring a state-of-the-art apartment or a full house for living in San Jose del Cabo, ideal for those investors willing to relax next to the Pacific oceanic enchantment while having their assets safe and sound.

Health services are available 24/7 while living in San Jose del Cabo.

People considering retiring in Cabo Mexico are sometimes concerned regarding medical care. You need to know that preventive care and dentistry services in Los Cabos are as good and safe as in the US, only at a much better cost.

Medical facilities in the area are high-tech and up-to-date, providing highly professional and knowledgeable services by qualified competent and proficient medical personnel, even offering house calls when needed, believe it or not.

Mobility while living in San Jose del Cabo is easy, uncrowded, and friendly.

You can forget about heavy traffic in Los Cabos. Well, you can forget about traffic altogether. While there is a wide variety of the latest means of transportation, modern roads, streets and tracks, commuting is a cinch in the area. Everything you need is at hand, distances are short, and it takes only a few minutes to move around the city. Even the San Jose del Cabo international airport -which harbors the top airlines servicing several towns in the US and Canada- is located very close to Cabo, only 7 miles from downtown.

Splurge into life, make the best of it

Los Cabos outstands for its hospitality and its entertaining capabilities. It is renowned for its high-quality standards in tourism and client services. You will feel embraced and contented every step of the way.

San Jose del Cabo is mostly a home away from home. There is a very complete variety of alternatives and options for your daily life to be either convenient or luscious, or both at the same time. There are restaurants with fantastic food, museums, galleries, water sports and beach activities, supermarkets, convenience stores, repair workshops, beauty&barber shops… everything you need to a serene and satisfying life.

Get familiar with Los Cabos, your potential new homeland residence.


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